The Best Internship Possible!

Will McCracken

Hi! My name is Will McCracken and I’m an online student at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College.

Within months of starting my education at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College, I was selected to receive a paid internship position within the IT Department with the Atlanta Falcons. My duties include troubleshooting computer problems, installing new hardware, upgrading electronics for the staff, players, and coaches, and creating user accounts for any new staff and players.  Instead of printing hundreds of pages for playbooks, the coaching staff relies on using iPads to distribute playbooks to the players.  I work closely with the players and coaches to make sure the playbooks sync with the iPads smoothly.

I also do a lot of work at the Georgia Dome. I am in charge of setting up the Point-of-Sale registers and making sure that they are connected to our servers. If anything goes wrong during a game, I will get an alert, and I will quickly get the register back online.

This may sound like a lot of work, but there are a ton of perks to the job. I’m in direct contact with NFL Players, Coaches, and Executives. The contacts that I have already made are invaluable and these are people that I will always keep in contact with. The equipment that I am working with is the best equipment money can buy, and the training that I am getting is priceless.

Even though I’m in Atlanta, Wiregrass has enabled me to continue my education online. So not only do I have the best internship possible, but I am also continuing my education without having to put anything on hold.


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