My Top Ten Reasons Why Working for the Falcons is AWESOME!

The top 10 things that make this place awesome:
10. One really nice thing about working at the Falcon’s facility is that we have a cafeteria on the campus. The food is amazing and free!
9. The facility is located outside of Atlanta, so it is away from all of the major traffic.
8. Whenever I call Dell or Verizon and tell them I work with the Atlanta Falcons, I’m immediately transferred to a representative that knows exactly what I need and they are willing to help in every way possible and I am rarely put on hold.
7. I do work all of the home games and I am responsible for all of the registers inside the Georgia Dome. However, when there is not an issue, I am able to watch the game from any seat in the stadium. So, I usually choose a seat on the 50 yard line on Club Level.
6. By working here, I have a very unique look inside a small business that is worth over $1 billion. There aren’t very many businesses that can produce that much money and still be classified as a small business. This opportunity also gives me a unique perspective inside of a Professional Sports Franchise. I am able to see how all of the moving parts work together inside of the organization to produce what everyone sees as The Atlanta Falcons.
5. The people that I am able to meet on a daily basis make this job a huge plus. I’ve made a ton of contacts already, so finding a job definitely won’t be as hard if I choose to leave.
4. The kind of equipment I’m using is top of the line. A lot of the things I’ve learned in class are being utilized every day. The equipment is super expensive, so being able to have hands-on time with it while I’m learning is invaluable.
3. We have so many sponsors that are willing to do anything for us. So we occasionally get free stuff from our sponsors and venders. Arthur Blank, the Owner, has done so many great things in the community that everyone in the area is very appreciative of us and everything that we do.
2. Of course, being in close proximity to the coaches and players is amazing. Passing Matt Ryan, Tony Gonzales, Julio Jones, and Roddy White in the hallway and saying hey and having those short conversations makes this job unbelievable.
1. The absolute best thing about working here is the people I work with. I can honestly say that everyone here is so nice and very easy to work with. We have a family mentality here, and everyone does what they can to help someone else.


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