Celebs at the Dome


We’ve been so busy, despite our horrible record. Nothing terribly new has really gone on, but I did get to meet Steve Young and Tom Brady a few weeks ago.
I get to the games so early that I finish my job pretty quickly. This allows me to “explore” the GA Dome before the game! I’ve gotten to meet a few local celebrities, as well as a few really famous people like Jim Carrey, Usher, and Tom Brady. When we played the Jets on Monday Night Football, I had a front row seat to watch the crew broadcast live. During the commercial breaks, Trent Dilfer and Steve Young threw the football around. Really cool to see what happens behind the scenes!



Trent Dilfer and Steve Young


My Top Ten Reasons Why Working for the Falcons is AWESOME!

The top 10 things that make this place awesome:
10. One really nice thing about working at the Falcon’s facility is that we have a cafeteria on the campus. The food is amazing and free!
9. The facility is located outside of Atlanta, so it is away from all of the major traffic.
8. Whenever I call Dell or Verizon and tell them I work with the Atlanta Falcons, I’m immediately transferred to a representative that knows exactly what I need and they are willing to help in every way possible and I am rarely put on hold.
7. I do work all of the home games and I am responsible for all of the registers inside the Georgia Dome. However, when there is not an issue, I am able to watch the game from any seat in the stadium. So, I usually choose a seat on the 50 yard line on Club Level.
6. By working here, I have a very unique look inside a small business that is worth over $1 billion. There aren’t very many businesses that can produce that much money and still be classified as a small business. This opportunity also gives me a unique perspective inside of a Professional Sports Franchise. I am able to see how all of the moving parts work together inside of the organization to produce what everyone sees as The Atlanta Falcons.
5. The people that I am able to meet on a daily basis make this job a huge plus. I’ve made a ton of contacts already, so finding a job definitely won’t be as hard if I choose to leave.
4. The kind of equipment I’m using is top of the line. A lot of the things I’ve learned in class are being utilized every day. The equipment is super expensive, so being able to have hands-on time with it while I’m learning is invaluable.
3. We have so many sponsors that are willing to do anything for us. So we occasionally get free stuff from our sponsors and venders. Arthur Blank, the Owner, has done so many great things in the community that everyone in the area is very appreciative of us and everything that we do.
2. Of course, being in close proximity to the coaches and players is amazing. Passing Matt Ryan, Tony Gonzales, Julio Jones, and Roddy White in the hallway and saying hey and having those short conversations makes this job unbelievable.
1. The absolute best thing about working here is the people I work with. I can honestly say that everyone here is so nice and very easy to work with. We have a family mentality here, and everyone does what they can to help someone else.

August 23, 2013

Hello Everyone! My name is Will McCracken and I am currently working with the Atlanta Falcons in their IT Department. I actually work at the Falcon’s Facility in Flowery Branch where all of the staff, including players and coach, work during the week. The story of how I ended up here is actually fairly interesting.

I was visiting family that lives up here in Flowery Branch one weekend and I’ve driven by the Falcon’s Camp a number of times. I always looked at the building behind the gates and thought that it would be so interesting to work in a business setting that was focused solely on sports. I just happened to look at the Falcon’s website and saw a job posting for an opening with the IT Department. ‘Perfect!’, I thought and I laughed as I filled out the application; knowing that nothing would come from it…

I soon received a call from the HR Department and went through a pretty lengthy phone interview process. The next week, I had a Skype interview with the President of Information Technology and the Technical Analyst. As it turns out, I was chosen out of over 70 people who had applied for the open position.

I should mention this small fact. I had just purchased a home in Valdosta last year and was following up on job leads around town. I definitely did not plan to leave my home anytime soon, and I definitely did not plan to move to Flowery Branch and work for the Atlanta Falcons. After a lot of talks with my family and praying, I decided that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and that I should make the most of this opportunity that was offered to me. Amazingly, I sold my house within 2 weeks of putting it up for sale, packed my things, and moved to Flowery Branch!

I will be providing updates, pictures, and behind the scenes looks throughout the season. Feel free to ask me any questions and I will do my best to answer each question!

The Best Internship Possible!

Will McCracken

Hi! My name is Will McCracken and I’m an online student at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College.

Within months of starting my education at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College, I was selected to receive a paid internship position within the IT Department with the Atlanta Falcons. My duties include troubleshooting computer problems, installing new hardware, upgrading electronics for the staff, players, and coaches, and creating user accounts for any new staff and players.  Instead of printing hundreds of pages for playbooks, the coaching staff relies on using iPads to distribute playbooks to the players.  I work closely with the players and coaches to make sure the playbooks sync with the iPads smoothly.

I also do a lot of work at the Georgia Dome. I am in charge of setting up the Point-of-Sale registers and making sure that they are connected to our servers. If anything goes wrong during a game, I will get an alert, and I will quickly get the register back online.

This may sound like a lot of work, but there are a ton of perks to the job. I’m in direct contact with NFL Players, Coaches, and Executives. The contacts that I have already made are invaluable and these are people that I will always keep in contact with. The equipment that I am working with is the best equipment money can buy, and the training that I am getting is priceless.

Even though I’m in Atlanta, Wiregrass has enabled me to continue my education online. So not only do I have the best internship possible, but I am also continuing my education without having to put anything on hold.